Sunday, 16 February 2014

Immature Kestrel. Wollaton. It sat at the top of a small Birch and watched intently a patch of dead Bracken and rough grass. Regularly see a Kestrel now on my visits to Wollaton. Also seen today a Buzzard mobbed by crows and a Sparrowhawk soaring above Thompsons wood in the lovely morning sun.
Great spotted Woodpecker. Wollaton. Lots of bird activity in Thompson's wood with Blue Tits displaying, gliding from branch to branch, butterfly-like. Singing Nuthatches and Woodpeckers drumming. This smart male flew into view and sat at the top of a tree for some time before swooping down to land next to another bird and began displaying , fanning wings and raising crest.
Fallow Deer in the sanctuary. Wollaton. The herd were in the top corner, grazing. Suddenly all heads went up as a Jay screeched. The young deer in the herd ran around wildly while the older experienced deer stood and watched. I think there may have a been a fox moving through the wood behind them.

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