Saturday, 22 February 2014

Hawfinch. Cromford. Better views this morning as 3 birds moved around the trees at the back. The bird depicted is a female. Sunny morning but freezing in the shade!
The male had a bluer beak that shone like gunmetal in the sun. He was also more richly coloured.
Hen Harrier. Near Hartington, Staffordshire. While watching Hawfinches I got a tip off about a local Hen Harrier roost. Arrived at what seemed like wild, desolate moorland in the middle of nowhere but after a while this beautiful adult male glided in. It quatered the area for some minutes before landing in the heather. Also seen were distant Ravens and two Short-eared Owls. Raw, cold wind and overcast in the afternoon. I aim to go back for more sketches.

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