Friday, 21 February 2014

Hawfinch. Rufford Park. Very early start to catch these elusive finches. Saw just one in the top of Lime trees before it flew off. Later, another bird was located by its 'tick-tick' call and seen briefly. Also heard were two Lesser-spotted Woodpeckers (calling and drumming). A Red Kite flew high overhead.
Kestrel. Wollaton. Saw this Kestrel fly up to a tree from the ground at dusk. Through the scope I could see it tearing at something (vole or mouse?) The Kestrel constantly changed position  as it devoured its prey. It seemed to relish every beakful and even nibbled scraps that were left stuck to the branch. It finished by cleaning its talons before taking off over the park. A numbing cold wind blew across the park and though I felt sad for the vole, I was glad the Kestrel had a good meal. Low light levels. Silhouetted.
Cleaning foot.

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