Sunday, 28 April 2013

Redstart. Padley Gorge. Brief views of these flighty, elusive birds after a full day trekking around the site. They favoured a particular area along the edge of the wood. I saw a pair (male and female)perched on the drystone wall. Earlier I saw a male fleetingly from deep within the wood itself.
The Redstarts were mainly located by their characteristic alarm call which at times sounded very faint even though the bird was only a few feet away. I heard some snatches of song though I think the weather wasnt condusive to singing.
Pied Flycatcher. Padley Gorge. A typical view of this bird. Though I saw at least 6 birds (including a couple of females) during my visit I found them incredibly hard to sketch as they never sat still longer than a few seconds and would shoot off behind the trees at the slightest movement. They did, however, make themselves known with loud song and alarm calls and would never stray far from a favoured nest box or tree-hole. I heard the meerest snippet of Wood Warbler song but will have to wait to add that one to the blog! Lots of Nuthatch; male and female Great-spotted Woodpecker; dozens of Treecreepers; Grey Wagtail and lots of the commoner species.

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