Sunday, 21 April 2013

Corn Bunting. Barton-in-fabis. Calling from the top of a tall roadside tree. Thanks to Rob Hoare for locating and protecting these declining birds.
The Corn Bunting's call is said to sound like someone rattling a bunch of keys.
To me it has a metallic crunch quality very distinctive and evocative. Would be a massive shame if it were to disappear.
Wheatear. Field by Beeston Weir. Watching me from the middle of a field of young plants. At one point I saw its throat moving as if it were singing though it was too far away to hear.
Blackcap. Clifton Wood. Lots of singing Blackcaps in the woodland understorey by the river. This bird has a metal ring on its leg. Another one I watched had a beakful of dry grass but still couldnt stop singing!

Buzzard. Branshill. Sat on this post for some minutes constantly turning head to scan its surroundings. The wind had developed and the Buzzard angled itself for least resistance.
Buzzard, Beeston Weir. Seen on the 20th April but unable to post due to internet problems. I was watching small birds in a patch of bramble when I noticed a large shadow moving slowly over the ground I looked up and this Buzzard was soaring a few feet above my head. It drifted off over the river.
Common Sandpipers, Beeston Weir. Sighted on the 20th April. Two birds here mid morning and for much of the time foraged peacefully at the waters edge where stones and gravel have created a beach-like area. Occasionally the two birds paths crossed which caused a lot of posturing with wings up and chasing each other calling loudly. This was beautiful to watch but it came to an abruptend by the arrival of three youths loitering on the bank.

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