Saturday, 21 January 2017

Raven. Wollaton. Grey, cold day. As I stopped to search for a Mistle Thrush singing high up in a specimen Redwood tree I heard the deep cronk cronk of a Raven coming from the top of the tree. It saw me first and flew further away to perch in the tops of tall Beeches near the entrance. It was instantly set upon by a crowd of Jackdaws who were determined to drive it away. They swooped at the large bird causing it to open and lift its murderous beak vertically. The attention of the increasingly irate jacks proved too much and it flew to the sanctuary followed by the rowdy mob. Later, I located it again in the company of Carrion Crows who seemed less bothered by its presence.
Shovellers and Common Gull on Wollaton Lake. The gull posed beautifully on the end of a fallen Birch trunk.
Waterfowl resting and preening at the shallow edge of the lake.

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