Monday, 21 April 2014

Ring Ouzels. Branshill, Clifton. Distant views of a pair feeding as they moved steadily up the side of the hill. Also seen were a pair of Wheatears, Linnets and Red-legged Partridge. Thanks to Rob Hoare (Clifton Grove for the tip off. Walking back along the track I was surprised to see two female Blackbirds fighting. At one point they were locked together on the ground, only separating as I approached, one bird had a beakful of the others feathers!
More studies of the Male Ring Ouzel.


  1. This is just beautiful - I missed seeing the ring ouzels :( if the Barton quarry does not go ahead I hope to see them next year :)

    1. Thanks Sally. Sorry you missed them. Special birds, special place. There will be no special places left at this rate :(