Saturday, 11 January 2014

Parrot Crossbills. Budby. Large group of birdwatchers had gathered at the place so picking out the birds was relatively easy. Having said that, they were very inconspicuous when feeding and hid among the branches only occasionally sitting out in the open. They suddenly all took off but were found again in a distant tree. After a few minutes they did their vanishing act and couldnt be relocated and may have gone to roost. Great to watch as they gripped whole pine cones and tore them apart. In flight kept together calling a loud, distinctive 'pink pink'.
Hawfinch. Clumber Park. Arrived at Clumber just after first light and spent 2 hours searching but no luck. Suddenly a group of finches dropped into Yew trees behind me and gave fleeting glimpses as they fed. There was an audible 'crunching' sound as they worked their way through the Yew berries. I saw an adult male and another, duller bird.

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