Monday, 25 February 2013

Treecreeper and Goldcrest field sketches. In the raw cold these small birds were very approachable. Lots of small bird activity around this area of Alders including Wrens, Robin, Blue, Great and Long tailed Tits, Chaffinches, Goldfinch Treecreeper and the same Goldcrest I saw yesterday evening clinging to the side of trees and hovering hummingbird-like. I even saw a Vole dart from its tunnel  by the bank to the base of a rotting tree and back again!
Heron pair. As one bird incubates chicks the other adult bird guards the nest area. I saw several fights between pairs as adults flying in with nesting material misjudged their landings.. Continues to be very cold and sitting birds sat tight on the nest.

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