Thursday, 26 April 2012

Common Terns. Coneries Pond, Attenborough.
During a 3 hour walk along the Trent at the new gravel workings, Long eaton I saw many Swallows and Sand martins above the Windsurfing lake along with a few Terns. Heard an alarm call and saw a flurry of activity ahead which turned out to be a Hobby chasing a small bird, Sparrowhawk-like, among the bushes. Further along across the Trent in a bare field I had distant views of Yellow Wagtail among Pied Wagtails and Skylark. In this field were many nesting Lapwing and I caught sight of at least 2 broods of chicks. The river was full to capacity and flowed strongly, a Grebe swimming upstream was almost swept away and preferred to dive rather than battle against the current. Walking back huge swarms of flies gathered above bushes and brambles, one swarm so dense it was actually audible. Above these multitudes the Sand Martins, Swallows and Swifts hawked tirelessly.

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