Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Heard about this obliging Nightjar perched on a couples backgarden fence in Codnor!! Couldnt wait to finish work to get over to see if it was still there. Right at the end of the garden it sat very still (even when people were no more than 10feet away from it). A juvenile bird, it only made the smallest movements and was in many respects the perfect model - if not for its amazingly intricate, complicated plumage pattern! I have had distant murky views of Nightjars in the past so this was a great opportunity to study one. Primitive looking bird that seemed to me to be a cross between a frog and a moth! The lady who's garden it was perched said it would be off migrating South on any clear night.....then again it could stay around for a few days yet.
On getting this sketch home I tried to repeat it in colour though i feel i havent quite got the colours right. i may have to go back for another look.

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